​     Jeff Mandel has been described by the New Jersey Law Journal as an "accomplished appellate advocate . . . responsible for groundbreaking appellate decisions." At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S Mandel LLC, you can have the New Jersey appeal lawyer who other lawyers call upon. To see if Jeff Mandel is interested in handling your appeal, call 973-921-0003 or email Jeff Mandel at lawyer@njappeal.com. To learn more about the managing partner, click here.


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Jeffrey Mandel will fight for you. Known as a top appeal lawyer in New Jersey who some call the best New Jersey appeal lawyer.

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     The lawyer who wrote the book on New Jersey appeals heads the Appellate Practice portion of the Law Offices of Jeffrey S Mandel LLC. Jeff Mandel is known as the go-to New Jersey appeal lawyer. He has handled over twenty cases before the Supreme Court of New Jersey and routinely handles cases before the Appellate Division. Jeff Mandel serves as a guest lecturer for appeal seminars presented by the State Bar, he clerked in the Appellate Division, served as the chairperson of the State Bar Appellate Practice Committee, and he teaches law students at Rutgers Law School how to handle a New Jersey appeal. ​​

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