Hands on approach to every case.
  • State Bar YLD Lawyer of the Year - Jeff Mandel is a recipient of the New Jersey State Bar Lawyer of the Year Award. This honor is bestowed each year upon only one lawyer- one lawyer in the entire State of New Jersey.
  • According to the State Bar, Jeff Mandel has "stood out in the areas of professional knowledge, skill, integrity and courtesy."



Provide clients with a small firm atmosphere and bring the big firm experience. Work hard, then work harder. Bill a client only what we would expect someone to bill us.


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Singled out in 2015 by the New Jersey Law Journal for obtaining one of New Jersey's highest personal injury verdict awards. A trial lawyer with a proven track record and an appellate lawyer.

  • Rutgers Law School - Jeff Mandel has taught law students about New Jersey appeals for over fifteen years. Prior to teaching at Rutgers Law School, Jeff taught at Seton Hall Law. Jeff Mandel teaches Appellate Advocacy and serves as a guest lecturer for other professors who teach about appeals.

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Jeffrey Mandel is a New Jersey appeal lawyer. Jeff Mandel cannot label himself the best New Jersey appeal lawyer, but he can assure you that he will fight for your cause and do his best. This is what New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel will do for you and your New Jersey appeal.

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  • New Jersey Law Journal - The NJLJ named Jeffrey Mandel one of New Jersey's Top 40 Lawyers Under the Age of 40.
  • Picked by State Bar - The New Jersey State Bar Association selected Jeff Mandel to serve as the Chairperson of the State Bar Appellate Practice Committee.


  • TV Legal Commentator - Jeff Mandel has appeared on CNN, Fox News Channel, and Court TV/Tru TV to discuss high-profile cases from around the Country.

Jeffrey Mandel is a New Jersey lawyer who will fight for you. If seeking a New Jersey lawyer who will fight on your behalf, consider Jeffrey Mandel.

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  • New Jersey appeal lawyer - While most lawyers have never appeared before the Supreme Court of New Jersey, Jeff Mandel has had over twenty cases before the Supreme Court of New Jersey- over 20!
  • The lawyer others turn to - When it comes to a New Jersey appeal lawyer, Jeff Mandel is an appeal lawyer who other lawyers turn to. Jeff Mandel wrote "New Jersey Appellate Practice" and lectures throughout the State about strategies for how to handle a New Jersey appeal and on appellate practice.
  • Magazine description - According to the New Jersey Lawyer magazine, Jeff Mandel is an "accomplished appellate advocate . . . responsible for groundbreaking appellate decisions" and "his experience in New Jersey’s appellate arena . . . keeps [Jeff Mandel] in constant demand."

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Best appeal lawyer in New Jersey.

Top appeal lawyer in New Jersey.

Jeffrey Mandel NJ attorney.

Jeff Mandell. Jeffrey Mandell.

Jeffrey Mandel will fight for you.

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  • Jeff Mandel is a trial lawyer - Some lawyers handle trials, others handle cases but do not go to trial. Jeff Mandel is one of the less than approximately 3% of lawyers in New Jersey who is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. Jeff Mandel is a New Jersey trial lawyer.
  • ​​Endorsed by judges and peers - In order to become Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, Jeff's peers and the judges who he appeared in front of were required to endorse Jeff Mandel before Jeff could sit for the entrance exam. He then passed the exam to become certified. 
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  • Appellate Division - Jeff Mandel worked as a law clerk in the New Jersey Appellate Division.
  • Drinker Biddle & Reath - Jeff Mandel worked in one of the nation's largest law firms.
  • Day Pitney - Jeff Mandel worked in one of the Northeast's largest law firms and one of New Jersey's most respected.

Whether a client or not, Jeff Mandel's receipt of an award and/or achievement does not mean that Jeff Mandel is any better than any other lawyer nor does it mean that he can achieve a particular result. The fact that he wrote the book on New Jersey appeals, was placed on the Super Lawyer list, named a Top 40 Lawyer Under the Age of 40, appeared on TV, became Lawyer of the Year, and/or prevailed on a certain case does not mean that Jeff Mandel possesses any greater knowledge or ability than any other lawyer. None of Jeff Mandel's awards were endorsed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and


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Take decades of experience and provide clients with cost-effective legal representation with the goal of achieving the results that a client should expect from their lawyer.

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I started The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC to provide my clients with a hands-on approach. I will be personally involved in every case. If you ask for Jeff Mandel to handle your case, you will have Jeff Mandel handle your case.

  • Magazine profile - When the New Jersey Lawyer Magazine featured Jeff Mandel, it labeled him a New Jersey lawyer "whose personal and professional achievements merit special recognition."

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  • Jeff Mandel: New Jersey Super Lawyer - Jeffrey Mandel is listed year after year as an Appellate Super Lawyer. Thomson Reuters issues the list of Super Lawyers. Click here for its selection process.
  • See the 10-year anniversary page for Jeff Mandel's most recent selection as a Super Lawyer for New Jersey appeals. 
  • When New Jersey Monthly Magazine selected Jeff Mandel as a Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice in 2009, Jeff became the youngest 2009 New Jersey Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice in the State of New Jersey.
  • When New Jersey Monthly Magazine first selected Jeff Mandel as a Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice, he became one of only six lawyers in the State of New Jersey to be selected a New Jersey Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice.
  • New Jersey Monthly Magazine selected Jeff Mandel as a Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and yet again in 2019. A decade of being named a Super Lawyer.
  • The other New Jersey appeal Super Lawyers include a former Supreme Court justice and a former Appellate Division judge.
  • To again see the selection process, go to www.superlawyers. com/about/selection_process.html for the selection methodology). No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, and awards do not win cases.